Tuesday, 26 July 2011

"Don't tickle your tastebuds, seduce them..."

Summer Fruit Mess

This is my take on of  Britain's favourite desserts, Eton Mess, which is a traditional summer dish, served on school playing fields at the public school's annual sports day.

You could make your own meringue - it's easy and rewarding, and if this were a pavlova, it'd be a good idea to do so - but for my summer fruit mess, bought meringues work brilliantly.

These are my all time favourites - Cotswold Handmade Meringues

I've made the most of summer berries by using a combination of sweet and tart, rather than just strawberries. Also I used ready whipped cream - makes life that bit easier and my twist on this  'Mess' is  for that extra sweetness and flavour I've added a layer of mango yogurt.

It's such a simple dessert but so lovely - the fresh, sweet berries with the crunchy, slightly chewy meringue against the smooth, soft whipped cream. Yummy !!!

Serves 8
1lb/450gms of strawberries
1lb/450gms raspberries
1lb/450gms blueberries
8 meringue nests
1 large carton whipped cream
1 large carton mango yogurt
1/2 cup sugar
Stem the strawberries and wash all the fruit
Add half the raspberries and blueberries into a pan with the sugar and reduce on a low heat
Slice the strawberries but leave at least 16 for decoration
When the raspberries and blueberries resemble a puree remove from heat and set aside to cool
Break the meringue nests into bite size pieces
To assemble
Use 8 tall glasses ie: wine goblets
Layer the fruit, cream, meringue and yogurt
alternately until the glasses are full
To decorate: top with the whole strawberries a couple of raspberries and
blueberries and pour over the fruit puree

 Cotswold Handmade Meringues
        Terretts Mill, Newmarket Road
    GL6 0RF

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