Saturday, 16 June 2012

Macro photography with a point and shoot

Much has been written on the topic of Macro photography for those photographers fortunate enough to own a DSLR with macro lenses – but what about if you own a compact point and shoot camera? Can you get great macro shots too?

While the results achievable with a point and shoot camera in macro mode probably won’t compare with a DSLR with a purpose built macro lens I’ve still taken some remarkably good shots with compact cameras 

Adding filters to your photos will give the macro images a twist. So why not have some fun and give it a try? Below are a few taken wjth a Nikon Coolpix.

 Start with a simple flower arrangement, select macro mode, then just point and shoot!


  1. "Start with a Moth and then point and shoot" suits me better! Moths move is assuming the filters applied are via Photoshop?
    Thick as pigsh*t me (yet I wasn't in the pre-digital age).
    #8 on the Blog (top down counting) is my favourite. Still trying to figure out why.... ;-)

  2. Sorted! Pretty quick learner this end...even though I say so myself.

    Grabbed a few macro pixels today on my ancient Coolpix 3200.
    Not Moffs despite the fact I had loads to choose from - went for static Lily in bud and the contents of bird feeders.
    Then the Dinosaur went to work this evening (that's the PC not me).
    Fast learner but slow processor with hardly any RAM (that's the PC not me too).

    See @randomstuffandy on Twitter for a plea.
    Enthused. Must do more. Efficiently and with more features.

    I already do this sort of thing in video with Hotty (only two published on my Blog so far cos I'm a novice) yet single frame is still my first love.

    #8 is worthy of a frame but I'm not going to nick it. :-)

  3. And finally on this topic....dug out an image of Fly Agarics I took last autumn. Played with it late into last night. Results on my Facebook wall. Thanx L - you've got my juices flowing again. Ha.