Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Tapas are definitely made for sharing

A good friend of mine decided to have a tapas party and sent me a copy of his menu.
I, of course, was very impressed that firstly - a man would take on such an ambitious menu and secondly -that he could find all the ingredients, as he doesn't live in Spain. So I felt I needed to share his culinary skills on my blog and shall be pinching a few of his ideas myself.



a) Goats Cheese (all three ages in small bite size lumps) drizzled with honey which sticks the well crushed walnuts to the cheese quite nicely. Eaten by means of a personal crystal cocktail stick.

b) Lollipops of Confit of Duck Leg, really sweet warm Melon & herby Feta.


a) Albondigas my style. Don't ask cos there's no recipe - it's organically created as it goes along. Contains Oregano, Rosemary & Lemon Thyme (and whatever else it needs).
Aioli and Brava sauces to dip them in.

b) Raw Chorizo caramelised then gently finished in a reduction of Cider & White Port to glaze. Yummy.

c) Serrano strips & Smoked Salmon strips with multi-colour wafer thin Pepper rings, wafer thin Cucumber slices (seeds removed) & a bit of multi-coloured textured grass leaves all well doused in a decent Olive Oil/Lemon juice and hot/sweet/smokey Pimenton dressing.

d) Salad of Boquerones, Black Olives, Orange segments, Red Onion & multi-coloured grass leaves with dressing which includes a few wazzed up black olives, orange juice, Olive Oil and seasoning.

e) Sweet variety of new season red Patatas done very soft inside & out well crispy outside in Olive Oil (with the same Aioli & Brava sauces to dip).

f) Cold steamed French Beans (purple, yellow & green) in a tomato/garlic/buttery sauce (sauce added cos the beans themselves weren't that tasty).
The Goats Cheese thing, Lollipops, Albondigas and par fried Patatas are already made & in the fridge (That's FRIDAY).

As are the Brava and Aioli sauces


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  1. No probs mate.
    Best explain (cos of the final sentence) that the Party was on Saturday evening and I ended up doing the grub on my own (without an invited expert female Tapas sous-chef who wasn't available that weekend.)

    So I prepped & mis en place'd everything I could on Friday - and posted this menu on Friday evening whilst consuming a rather large Vodka Red Bull :-)

    Wish I'd put truffle oil on the Goat Cheese lollipops - yet another layer of flavour would have made them even better.