Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Samsung images - Flowers

As a professional photographer, I see nothing wrong with using your mobile phone's camera , as a tool to capture your surroundings when out and about. The Samsung Galaxy, has an exceptional 8 mega-pixel, auto-focus, LED flash - just to name a few of it's outstanding qualities. I believe that this sets it apart from other phone cameras. and below is a small selection of images captured on  the Samsung Galaxy, with a little help from photoshop.

Choose a selection of flowers


  1. I'm sticking to the Coolpix 3200 at 3mp for night time stuff. Nicking her S2 would be like taking candy from a baby.....and I do, of course, have the Sony Bloggie at 13mps (does stills as well as vids) should I be on a mission!

    1. I LOVE the Coolpix and always have......just playing around :)

  2. I've sent you a raw image.
    Salamanders aren't purple - even under flash.
    Should be pure black and deep yellow (whilst retaining or enhancing the autumn flora colours also in frame and the highlights created by the flash).
    My efforts are both visible on FB.
    Still struggling to get it right
    Lime Green Salamanders look better than purple ones but that's not the point. :lol:
    If you can find time to fiddle with it, please provide the data to explain what you did - then I can duplicate each step & settings myself and learn.

  3. Only if you have time (got the new lappy yet?)

    Those Iris are pretty special.
    #7 being my favourite.
    Looks more 'abstract illustration' than a photo.